New: HaloSmile Sensitivity Coat - Goes On Clear & Stops Teeth Pain (3 & 6 count)

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We offer the only teeth sensitivity product on the market that delivers maximum strength potassium nitrate for 24 hours. If you’re still in pain after using tooth sensitivity toothpaste, it’s time to try Halo Smile. 

Stop letting sensitive teeth impact your life. If you’re tired of feeling a jolt of pain everytime you consume hot or cold foods and beverages then it's time to try the Halo Smile Teeth Sensitivity Coat. Our team of scientists have developed a maximum strength teeth sensitivity solution that is natural, safe, and lasts for 24 hours. We help customers enjoy their favorite cold, hot, sweet, and acidic foods and beverages again. 

How does it work? Halo Smile Sensitivity coat works by blocking the small tubes that connect to nerves inside of the tooth. Our technology is patented, natural, safe, and protects teeth from sensitivity and stains for 24-48 hours. No other product on the market can claim the oral care benefits of Halo Smile Sensitivity Coat and we offer a legitimate alternative to traditional teeth sensitivity products. If nothing seems to help your teeth sensitivity problems then it’s time to try Halo Smile. 

How to use: Unlike traditional teeth sensitivity toothpastes that you brush away, Halo Smile is a proprietary natural coating that adheres directly to your teeth for 24-48 hours. We are trailblazers in creating a new hygiene habitat that revolves around painting your teeth with a protective coat that prevents stains and fights teeth sensitivity. Consumers can apply daily to prevent stains and pain, or apply on occasions where the user anticipates eating or drinking hot or cold food and drink. Many users will only apply when their sensitivity is triggered.The material is applied with a cosmetic brush immediately after brushing and the top layer coat provides all day protection from stains and sensitivity. 

Who Is the Sensitivity Coat For? Did you know 1 in 8 people experience sensitive teeth? Halo Smile Teeth Sensitivity Coat  is ideal for consumers that continue to suffer through teeth sensitivity and oral pain. Our paint on method dries quickly and adheres to the teeth for 24-48 hours. After the 5 minute application process This provides stain and sensitivity protection and allows users to enjoy their favorite foods and beverages once again. 

What Causes Teeth Sensitivity? Sensitive teeth can occur at any age, but it is often the first sign of a weakened enamel and receding gums. This could occur due to genetics, but it is often made worse by acidic foods and many of the oral care products we use. Hydrogen peroxide is the #1 ingredient in teeth whitening products and hydrogen peroxide will often trigger or increase the pain associated with sensitive teeth. American dental offices have reported that sensitive teeth are most common in young adults, women, people who suffer with receding gums, and people who use hydrogen peroxide at-home whitening products. - If whitening products are creating sensitivity please check out Halo Smile’s hydrogen peroxide free whitening coats. 

How Often Should You Use Halo Smile Sensitivity Coat? Use everyday that you’re anticipating being exposed to foods or drinks that may cause stains or trigger sensitivity issues. Halo Smile sensitivity coat can also be applied immediately after feeling a painful flare up. Ask your dentist about the powerful nerve blocking properties of Halo Smile. 

Bullet Points

  • Superior solution to how to stop tooth sensitivity
  • Maximum strength potassium nitrate.
  • Natural sensitivity solution that is 100% safe and effective
  • Protects against sensitivity and stains.
  • Enjoy your favorite cold, hot, acidic, and sweet foods again.
  • Science Matters: Halo Smile Sensitivity coat works by blocking the small tubes that connect to nerves inside of the tooth. 
  • Apply before drinking wine, tea, coffee, or alcohol.
  • Halo Smile is the only sensitivity method that blocks tooth nerve endings for 24-hours. 
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