HaloSmile Removal Gel


Are you someone who likes to take HaloSmile off each night instead of letting it naturally erode off? Purchase our Removal Gel for just that! The average consumer should get around 10 removals with the tube.

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HaloSmile already naturally erodes off the teeth, but if you're someone who prefers to take it off each night, the Removal Gel is just what you need. The average consumer should get around 10 removals per tube.

1 20g Removal Gel Tube

Practice makes perfect. HaloSmile is a brush-on product, so just like painting your nails, putting on makeup, or creating art, you get better as you go. We include two practice applications to perfect your application technique.

For detailed instructions, visit our How To Apply page.

Free of Gluten, Animal Ingredients, Lactose, and GMOs

100% peroxide-free

HaloSmile contains absolutely no peroxide, bleach, or their derivatives. You will not experience any discomfort or pain during or after application.

HaloSmile is not tested on animals

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