HaloSmile Testimonials

Listen to what people have to say about HaloSmile.
HaloSmile in the News


Pre Oscars Party

HaloSmile attended the Pre Oscars Party in celebration of veterans in LA and gave celebs a HaloSmile before they walked the red carpet.

Industry Professionals

Dr. Kent Underwood

"HaloSmile, compared to other traditional bleaching products, is far superior simply because of the ease of use, lack of sensitivity, and the way that it adheres to all teeth."

Dr. Cook

"Anyone who wants to whiten their teeth should use HaloSmile. Reason being it's safe, it's effective, it's easy to apply, and does dramatic whitening to your teeth."

Real People

The Ladies of Pi Beta Phi

These ladies loved HaloSmile because it was "quick and easy." They said HaloSmile is perfect for formals, date's and even job interviews.

Champagne's Testimony

Champagne is a vlogger with a big personality. She wants to look on point every time the camera is pointed in her direction. Hear why she's so excited to try HaloSmile for the first time.

Alicia's Testimony

Alicia is an avid coffee drinker and worries about the whiteness of her teeth. She used to hold back her smile, but not anymore!

Javlin's Testimony

Javlin says that teeth are one of the first thing people notice. Watch her testimony to see if HaloSmile gave her smile the results she was looking for!

Kayla's Testimony

Kayla was all smiles in her HaloSmile testimony. She loves what HaloSmile does for her smile, and so do we!

Men love HaloSmile too!

HaloSmile isn't just for women, men love it too! These guy's just want an amazing, white smile. With HaloSmile, that is exactly what they got.