How-to-Halo | HaloSmile

Instantly Brilliant Results for a Day


HaloSmile Application In-Process

HaloSmile provides instant results! You will notice an immediate and dramatic change as you're applying. The cool thing is, what you see is what you get. So, as you're applying, pay close attention to how each tooth turns out. You'll only have a small window to retouch or redo each tooth. 

Tips and Tricks

These easy how-to steps are the key to keeping your new glow smooth and free of brush strokes. Creating a seamless, radiant, uniform white smile has never been simpler.

Keep Your Head Tilted Back
When applying HaloSmile, saliva is the enemy. If you keep your head tilted slightly back, gravity won't pull the saliva towards your teeth. Position your mirror so that it's eye-level or a little above and hold your container up at eye-level so you don't ever have to look down.


Use Your Mouthpiece
It's a little crazy looking, we know. But the mouthpiece really does help you to get a great application. And some people get so good at applying HaloSmile that they no longer need it. See below for what the mouthpiece should look like while it's in.


A Little Goes A Long Way
Although you want a bright smile, you also want it to look as natural as possible. If your HaloSmile application is too thick, you'll lose the natural translucency of your teeth. So, applying as little as possible is very important.


Easy, Smooth Strokes
When applying HaloSmile to the teeth on your top row, your brush strokes should go from top to bottom. But, when you are applying HaloSmile to your bottom row for best results brush from the bottom to the top of the tooth.

Blending Is Key
Wipe your brush on a paper towel or the included Practice Makes Perfect card between each stroke to remove saliva and excess HaloSmile. This will help with blending and smoothing. But don't linger too long—once HaloSmile starts to dry too much fussing will cause it to look streaky. 

Edit Those Mistakes
Mistakes happen! The best time to fix mistakes is right after you brush the product on the tooth. Wipe HaloSmile off with a wet cotton round while it's still wet for best results. The longer the product sets, the harder it will be to remove and reapply.

Everything Needs A Finishing Touch
Don't forget your Finishing Touch top coat! Follow the instructions included with your kit to brush on this top coat to not only protect but also prolong your HaloSmile! This top coat is the secret to creating a uniform look that doesn't streak or smudge.


As if you need another excuse to take a selfie? But really, try it out. Your teeth are going to pop in that photo and you'll want to send it to all of your friends.

All Done Glowing?

Remove With Ease
You can either let the coating naturally erode or use the included Brush It Off remover to wipe away the product. Apply a small amount to a paper towel, cotton pad or tooth brush and then rub over HaloSmile until it is completely removed.  Neither of these options strip your teeth of enamel or harm them in any way!

Be sure to check your progress in a mirror, as you may need to concentrate on certain teeth to remove all of HaloSmile.