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A new, painless, and peroxide-free way to get a whiter smile in just minutes.
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Whiter Smiles In Under Ten Minutes. No, Really.

HaloSmile is a new way to get a whiter smile. Our smile cosmetic is a unique formulation that creates a light and tasteless layer over the surface of your teeth—adding a white layer to cover stains rather than removing them with harsh chemicals. Because it’s peroxide-free, sensitivity and pain no longer need to be associated with a white smile. Plus, with no harsh chemicals included, HaloSmile will never damage your enamel and can even protect from staining while it’s on. And just like makeup, it lasts a day and can be easily reapplied whenever you want.
Which means pain-free.
Free of peroxide and other harsh chemicals, HaloSmile will never damage your teeth or cause you sensitivity.
Instant Results
Apply it and go.
HaloSmile covers your teeth and their stains so you'll experience an immediate upgrade for your smile.
And no animal testing.
Gluten-free, lactose-free, and GMO-free too. HaloSmile mimics your body's natural processes and doesn't contain all the nasties.
Stain Protection
Coffee & wine proof.
While wearing HaloSmile, your teeth are protected by a barrier that prevents further staining from coffee, red wine, tea, and more.
The HaloSmile Kit is sold exclusively on It includes 4 applications + 2 practice (for a total of 6) and everything you need to get started.

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