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Mineral Cosmetic Coating for Teeth

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HaloSmile’s patented, peroxide-free smile cosmetic® creates a light and tasteless white layer over the surface of your teeth for instant whitening + stain protection.

Our custom brush contours to each tooth for quick and easy application. Dry your teeth, evenly brushing on the product and waiting 1 minute for it to dry. Within minutes, you’ll have an instantly whiter smile!
What Makes us Different
  • Instantly whiter smile in minutes (16-24 hour wear)
  • Truly 100% peroxide-free formula  
  • Zero pain or sensitivity
  • Perfect for any occasion
  • Free of harsh chemicals including bleach
  • Does not penetrate the surface of your tooth
  • Temporary  
  • Conceals and evens discolorations
  • Works on any smile including those with crowns, restorations, other dental materials and tetracycline stains
Formula Highlights:
  • Mineral-Based formula using Hydroxyapatite as main ingredient
  • Protective Coating Technology protects against stains while wearing
  • Nature-inspired, safe, vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free
  • Patented technology 

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