HaloSmile | Application Videos

Instantly Brilliant Results for a Day

The Tips and Tricks below will help you get the best, smoothest HaloSmile application on your teeth for an instantly beautiful, radiant smile without streaks or spots.

Before and After HaloSmile

Tips and Tricks

The tips below will help you avoid the appearance of brush strokes on your teeth

Easy, Smooth Strokes

These easy how-to steps are the key to keeping your new glow smooth and free of brush strokes. Creating a seamless, uniform white smile has never been simpler. When applying HaloSmile to the teeth on your top row, your brush strokes should go from top to bottom. But, when you are applying HaloSmile to your bottom row for best results brush from the bottom to the top of the tooth.

Easy to perfect and edit mistakes

Mistakes happen! The best time to fix mistakes is right after you brush the product on the tooth. Wipe HaloSmile off while it's still wet for best results. The longer the product sets, the harder it will be to remove and reapply.

ALL DONE Glowing?

Brush it off Remover

Brush teeth with the Brush It Off Removal Toothpaste for 2 minutes, then rinse with water. I If there are any stubborn spots of HaloSmile left on your teeth after brushing, apply a small amount directly onto the remaining spot and wipe off, then rinse with water.