Why HaloSmile

More than just a Teeth Whitener 
HaloSmile's patented, Protective Coating Technology (PCT) protects your smile from staining while you're wearing it. Using the naturally occurring mineral that makes up 95% of your teeth, hydroxyapatite, HaloSmile's thin, white coating acts as a barrier against staining. Our PCT works to prevent stains from consumables like red wine, coffee and tea. Additionally, the patented polymer system coats the teeth  – inspired by ocean life - to last through normal eating, drinking and brushing. 
Made with Hydroxyapatite

Hold on, "hydroxy-what now?" We know- it's a doozy but it's what makes up a whole lot of your teeth. A whole lot meaning upwards of 97% of your teeth is made up of hydroxyapatite! Don’t believe us? Give the Open Dentistry Journal a read. 

Now, you’re probably thinking, “why does this matter?” Well this is important because behind good ol’ H2O, hydroxyapatite is the main ingredient in HaloSmile! By mimicking your body’s natural chemistry, HaloSmile works with your body, not against it.

The remaining of HaloSmile's ingredients are food-grade, GRAS, and commonly found in toothpaste.