The HaloSmile Natural White Kit- 12 Applications

Your ideal self deserves the ideal smile. Halo Smile has created the first legitimate teeth whitening innovation to hit the market in decades and we are the only company that can truly claim “instantly” white teeth in 15 minutes or less. Our company is the #1 authority in teeth cosmetics, teeth painting, teeth polish, and natural whitening solutions. Have you tried teeth cosmetics?  

Why We’re Different

With so many teeth whitening solutions to choose from, it's important to highlight what sets Halo Smile apart. When flossing, brushing, and traditional whitening products isn’t enough it's time to try Halo SMILE. Teeth whitening products have become extremely popular and Halo Smile is the first non-hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening solution that creates perfectly colored teeth in 15 minutes. Halo SMILE provides a NATURAL tooth whitening experience that provides instant whitening that cannot be found with traditional teeth whitening products or in dental clinics. Halo Smile is ideal for people who want instant white teeth and don’t want to use hydrogen peroxide. Did we mention that we use no hydrogen peroxide or harsh chemicals? 

Holistic Dental Care

Oral health is important and Halo Smile offers customers that are always striving to look their best with a great alternative to hydrogen peroxide whitening products. Halo Smile offers a superior natural solution for creating instantly white teeth, but it also protects teeth from future stains (Coffee, tea, and wine) and sensitivity. Boost your oral health and self esteem with Halo Smile. Happy smiles guaranteed. 

Teeth Painting Whitening Technology

We have created the world’s best hydrogen peroxide FREE teeth whitener. Our scientists spent close to a decade pioneering this whitening technology and HaloSmile is committed to shaking up the status quo when it comes to holistic oral care and teeth whitening solutions. Traditional whitening agents that use hydrogen peroxide can cause sensitivity and do serious damage to your oral health, but HaloSmile  works with your natural chemistry as opposed to against it. We use natural polymers and ingredients that mineralize directly onto your teeth or dentures and leaves white teeth for 24-48 hours. All of our ingredients are 100% safe and unlike other tooth paint or polish, our product leaves a great mint taste. 

Teeth Cosmetics

What are teeth cosmetics and why is everyone talking about them? Teeth cosmetics are the latest beauty products that provide a temporary and natural solution to dealing with stained teeth. Halo Smile is a trailblazer in the hot new beauty market of teeth cosmetics and our product has been designed to create a natural white layer over the surface of your teeth for instant whitening, stain protection, and sensitivity protection. Our product is considered a cosmetic because unlike traditional teeth whiteners that slowly remove stains using hydrogen peroxide (BAD for Oral Health), our product covers stains and protects teeth from stains and sensitivity using a proprietary mineralization method. 
Our patented teeth painting method provides the best teeth whitening alternative to traditional hydrogen peroxide products. Hydrogen peroxide creates teeth sensitivity and Halo Smile uses ZERO hydrogen peroxide in our products. Halo Smile is the #1 teeth whitening cosmetic on the market and we are the only company that can offer naturally white teeth in 15 minutes and 24 hour whitening protection. If you haven’t added teeth cosmetics to your beauty routine yet, what are you waiting for? Say good by to your yellow teeth today. 

Dentist Approved

HaloSmile helps you discover your best smile and is head and shoulders above big box store teeth whiteners. In 15 minutes you’ll have perfectly white teeth for your big day. Our patented teeth cosmetic lasts 24-48 hours and is a holistic oral habit that has impressed many doctors. Dr. Kent Underwood says, "HaloSmile, compared to other traditional bleaching products, is far superior simply because of the ease of use, lack of sensitivity, and the way that it adheres to all teeth." HaloSmile is a trailblazer in the development of innovative new oral products, stain protectors, and sensitivity solutions. Dr. Cook says, "Anyone who wants to whiten their teeth should use HaloSmile. Reason being it's safe, it's effective, it's easy to apply, and does dramatic whitening to your teeth."

Bullet Points 

  • TEMPORARY - Halo Smile is the #1 tooth cosmetic on the market and the product is designed to create perfectly white teeth for 24-48 hours. Unlike alternative paint on methods, Halo Smile mineralizes with your own teeth to create a white smile that lasts through drinking and eating. HaloSmile will last through a day of eating, drinking and light brushing. 
  • NOT SOLD IN STORES - HaloSMILE is a new method for whitening your teeth that is unlike anything that you’ll find at grocery stores and supermarkets. The cosmetic approach to teeth whitening allows customers to literally PAINT their teeth white using natural ingredients that are 100% safe. 
  • ORAL HEALTH BOOST - Instant whitening is the main objective, but HaloSmile also provides 24 hour stain protection, fresh breath, and reduces teeth sensitivity. Holistic oral solutions is a health-conscious trend that is rapidly spreading. 
  • IDEAL CUSTOMER - This product isn’t for everyone and is best for people who are familiar with applying makeup and who are always trying to look their best. HaloSmile provides noticeably whiter teeth and protects your teeth from stains for 24hours. This is an ideal product for headshots, special occasions, or a weekend wine tasting in Napa Valley. HaloSmile works on all smiles and dental materials, including those with restorations, caps and tetracycline stains.
  • NOT YOUR EVERYDAY WHITENER - HaloSmile isn’t designed like alternative teeth whiteners and guarantees perfect white teeth in 15 minutes or less. 
  • TEETH PAINT & TOOTH POLISH - We have created a revolutionary way to whiten your teeth. We're not like any other whitening product that you  the other peroxide based whitening products that clutter your feed. We're a new, patented product that whitens your teeth a better, healthier way.
  • INSTANT WHITENING - We mean instant. No lights, no waiting, no gimmicks. A noticeably whiter smile with each brush stroke.
  • NO SENSITIVITY - we mean no sensitivity. Our formula works by covering up stains rather than harshly penetrating the enamel to remove stains. You can use HaloSmile daily and you'll never feel nerve pain.
  • PROTECT YOUR TEETH - That's right, you're not just getting instant whitening but our protective coating actually helps prevent future stains.
  • FREE OF PEROXIDE & HARSH CHEMICALS - 100% peroxide free means zero pain or sensitivity. mimics the body’s natural processes by binding to the surface of your teeth. Our key ingredient is a calcium-based mineral that makes up 90% of your teeth and bones.
  • NEW HYGIENE HABIT - Halo Smile is a new hygiene habit that is disrupting the status quo of traditional teeth whitening products. We are a teeth cosmetics product that allows customers to take control of what their teeth look like while protecting against future stains and sensitivity.

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