What is Halo Smile?

Halo Smile is a temporary but effective way to whiten your teeth without the pain and sensitivity of peroxide and bleaching.

Halo Smile is an all-natural teeth whitening cosmetic that gives you a dramatically whiter smile instantly without the pain or enamel damage of hydrogen peroxide! Our unique formulation creates a light, tasteless, whitening coat over the surface of your tooth. Unlike makeup you don’t have to reapply throughout the day because it last through eating, drinking (coffee and wine) and even brushing your teeth!

How does it work?

Halo Smile is inspired by nature and combines a unique water-based biocompatible adhesive and a custom blend of whitening particles. Our formula covers the surface of your teeth, creating a whiter yet natural look. Halo Smile immediately improves your teeth whiteness and doesn’t require reapplication for an entire day. 

Is it safe?

Yes, most of our ingredients are used in foods and dental products and pharmaceutical applications. Halo Smile is inspired by nature so there are no harsh chemicals, including bleach or peroxide.

How does it come off?

HaloSmile will disintegrate naturally, but to ensure a smooth removal experience, use the remover that comes in your kit. Place the removal paste on your toothbrush and let sit on your teeth for 30 secs, brush for 90 seconds and voila!

Does it cover veneers?

Halo Smile is effective in covering most veneers, crowns, bridges and dental restorations.