We have your smile covered - Literally.

No, seriously! HaloSmile is a new way to get an instantly whiter smile without the hassle of whitening. Using the calcium-based mineral hydroxyapatite, our patented, nature-inspired mineral teeth coating safely provides an instant whitening boost and protects against staining while wearing. It is a unique cosmetic coating that creates a light and tasteless layer over the surface of your teeth—for an instant smile makeover without sensitivity.

Not Your Traditional teeth whitener

HaloSmile has no bleach, no peroxide, no sensitivity in our mineral cosmetic coating for teeth. Pioneering the teeth paint on method and oral cosmetics

100% peroxide free

HaloSmile does not change the natural state of your teeth, and is free of bleach, peroxide or harsh chemicals that penetrate, destroy, or change the color of your enamel. We're a cosmetic!

Just Prep, Brush and Shine

It's quick! Dry your teeth, apply HaloSmile, and wait 60 seconds for it to set. The results are instant.

HaloSmile is quickly applied. Just prep, brush, dry and add top coat.
HaloSmile is made using hydroxyapatite, the naturally occurring mineral that makes up 97% of your teeth.

Hydroxyapatite-based formula

HaloSmile’s main ingredient is Hydroxyapatite, a mineral that naturally occurs in the body and makes up 97% of your teeth. Our formula is also vegan, gluten-free, and contains zero harmful chemicals.

Stain Protection and Prevention

HaloSmile's patented polymer system - inspired by nature - coats and binds to the teeth to last through a day of eating and drinking. Protective Coating Technology helps protect and prevent your teeth from staining.

HaloSmile's patented technology protects from staining consumables like coffee, tea and red wine. Teeth whitening
HaloSmile makes you beam all day knowing you are covered from stains


HaloSmile lasts through a normal day of brushing, eating, and drinking including coffee, tea and alcohol.


You can also use HaloSmile to even out the color of your smile and cover stains.  HaloSmile works on most dental materials, including porcelain restorations and veneers.

HaloSmile works on most dental materials including those with veneers, crowns, restorations, and tetracycline stains
HaloSmile makeup for your teeth painfree peroxide free teeth whitening

For Whenever you want to look your best

Whether that's everyday, once a week or for the yearly family photo, HaloSmile provides a whiter smile when you wear it - and protects your smile for the future. 

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