A Dramatically Whiter Smile in Minutes

HaloSmile is a new way to get a whiter smile... Our smile cosmetic is a unique formulation that creates a light, tasteless, brilliant layer over the surface of your teeth. And just like make up, it lasts a day and can be easily reapplied whenever you want!

100% peroxide-free

HaloSmile does not change the natural state of your teeth, and is free of bleach, peroxide or harsh chemicals that penetrate, destroy, or change the color of your enamel.

Just prep, brush and shine

It's easy! Dry your teeth, apply HaloSmile with the applicator brush, and wait 2 minutes for it to set. Including set time, it takes less than 8 minutes to apply.

Easy to Reapply & Remove, lasts all day

HaloSmile lasts through a day of brushing, eating and drinking wine, coffee and tea.

Whitens any Smile

You can also use HaloSmile to even out the color of your smile and cover stains.  HaloSmile works on most porcelain restorations and veneers.

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